Friday, 8 January 2010

Peer Pressure & My First Brain Freeze

An eventful evening with some decent WTA. The first match Wickmayer vs Peer, was a well played out match with enough twists and turns. Through trading i managed a position of £5 each way which was a fair effort. Wickmayer went on to win in 2!

Unfortunatly the next match saw my first crazy impule mistake. Henin vs Ivanovic, with Henin starting at the juicy odds of 1.55! Too good to be true! Well thats what i thought so i jumped on, however a crazy moment saw me lay Henin mid way through the first. She then went on to win the set with 3 breaks of the failing Ivanovic serve. Ivanovic rallied slightly enough in the 2nd to produce odds of 1.2 where i was able to get a reasonable amount of my stake back.

A promising night ended in a loss, but the bank remains.


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