Friday, 8 January 2010

New Strategy

Is Needed.

Peer Pressure & My First Brain Freeze

An eventful evening with some decent WTA. The first match Wickmayer vs Peer, was a well played out match with enough twists and turns. Through trading i managed a position of £5 each way which was a fair effort. Wickmayer went on to win in 2!

Unfortunatly the next match saw my first crazy impule mistake. Henin vs Ivanovic, with Henin starting at the juicy odds of 1.55! Too good to be true! Well thats what i thought so i jumped on, however a crazy moment saw me lay Henin mid way through the first. She then went on to win the set with 3 breaks of the failing Ivanovic serve. Ivanovic rallied slightly enough in the 2nd to produce odds of 1.2 where i was able to get a reasonable amount of my stake back.

A promising night ended in a loss, but the bank remains.


Thursday, 7 January 2010

Thai Break Anyone?

Well i hope my betting could one day finance such luxerys as a break in Thailand. For now, however a tie break in the Karlovich Vs Davydenko match will be enough.

I had to go out for some of the evening so i left this as my potential money maker.

Davydenko ended up winning 7-6 7-6, but i just needed the 1 thai break :)

Profit £5.90



Classy player, so lumped on at the end

Profit £2.47


Morning Report

Monflis made a stunning comeback to see of the ever predictable James Blake, so that brought me in a nice profit of £9.50

As regards to Sela & Ginipri i decided to lay them both

Lackos managed to beat Ginipri, i traded out after the first set for a win of £5.15

I backed out of an initial lay on Sela and retured a loss of £0.65

A decent morning, now to clear some snow!


Blake vs Monflis

A new day but the tennis keeps on comming :) Heard many reports citing multiple little injurys to Monflis so ill do what i dont usually do and bet on James Blake.

I jumped on in the first set with a stake of £12.20 at odds of 2.04

Blake took the first set 6-3 and then broke early in the 2nd and this is where i got out.

Blake + £9.45
Monflis + £9.80

Good start to the day, will now be looking at Sela and Ginipri with interest!


Date Krumm Vs Wickmayer

Wickmayer has looked very impressive so far this year so i will favour her. Kimiko is the type of player that never gives up and therfore my stake will be small

£6.03 on Wickmayer 2-0 @ 1.55

Had some early jitters so traded out early for only a small green

Wickmayer wins 2-0 Profit £2.17